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BBN is a relaxed and friendly group for English-speaking business owners, entrepreneurs & professionals to network. We host regular events, giving you the occasion to meet face-to-face amongst like-minded people.

We are open to all nationalities, as long as you have a good working level of English and to those who want to share knowledge and create opportunity. We are a progressive and forward thinking group whose aim is to bring together local businesses … in English.

We want everyone to focus on nurturing, collaborating, supporting & networking with other BBN members.

Next event coming soon!

Watch this space…

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    I default to tech support and share an Events Manager and Marketing Manager Role with Marisa, as such I help manage the website, the Instagram account and Facebook for BBN association. I speak French, German and Portuguese, and also a little Swedish. I have been freelance for more than a decade now and spend a lot of time consulting about Marketing Strategies on Social media when I am not developing my own business or teaching.

    Peter Jackson

    BBN Web

    I love it when people have fun while they work so, I am in charge of member satisfaction and interaction. I have a background in Finance & Customer Service and now run a consulting business for imports and exports here in Bordeaux, CRAAF International Services.

    Chinedu Rita Rosa

    BBN Social

    I am the Treasurer

    Katriona Murray-Platon

    BBN Content

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